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Medical Infrared Thermometer

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woyun medical instruments wylk-5701 Product ParametersSupply Voltage: CD3V (Two-section 7 alkaline battery).Measurement Range: Human body 34°C-42.9°C.Measurement Accuracy: ±0.2°C.Measurement Distance: 3-5cm.Measurement Time: One second.Automatic Shutdown: One minute.Memory Data: 99 historical temperatures.Trichromatic backlight:- Green: 34.0°C~37°C.- Yellow: 37.4°C~38.0°C.- Red 38.1°C~42.0°C.Transport Storage: Ambient temperature -20°C~55°C; relative temperature <93%.Working Environment: Ambient temperature 16°C~35°C; relative temperature...

By Ahmed on 2 months ago
Very Good!

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