4Smarts Finger Strap Grip Latch (Compatible for any Smartphones)

4Smarts Finger Strap Grip Latch (Compatible for any Smartphones)
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  • The 4smarts Finger Strap makes operating your smartphone considerably more convenient and helps you to handle your everyday life with ease.

The LOOP-GUARD Finger Strap makes operating your device easier and enables you to control your smartphone in an absolutely safe way even if you use only one hand for it.
Reading and writing messages gets more convenient, selfies turn out great every time and dropping the phone becomes virtually impossible.
Perfect when you are on the go, at work or on trade fairs.

Keep your smartphone comfortably and firmly in your grip with the finger strap
Prevents devices from accidentally falling down
Extends the reach of your thumb and is therefore perfect for big devices
Enables you to operate your smartphone easily and with only one hand
Can be attached in a quick and uncomplicated way thanks to its self-adhesive back
Removable without residue
Latch for attaching and detaching the finger loop
Compatible with magnetic holders (such as UltiMAG mounts) thanks to its metal surface
Barely adds any bulk thanks to its compact dimensions
Band length: 4 cm

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